Friday, January 22, 2010

i feel so......loved :)

i got another blog award!!

i always feel so special when i get an award. doesn't everyone feel that way??

i got this award a few days ago, but i'm just now writing about it. i received it from valerie at next to heaven and also from jennifer at living life out loud. thanks girls!!

i'm going to pass this award to a few of the blogs i read.

i would give it to valerie and jennifer, but they already have them! so, here are the people i'm giving it to:

mary at udder butter


mandy at expecting the unexpected

congrats girls!!


i'm really not feeling the love from photobucket, though. i'm not able to upload pictures to photobucket from my desktop computer, and it's quite frustrating!

but i found a solution!

just call me super bailey.

it does work on my laptop, so i just transfer the files there and upload! it's kind of a pain, but i'm just glad i'm able to upload. hopefully it'll be fixed soon!!


today, i've been getting things done, done, done!

so much so that i've not had anything to eat. i've been trying to organize everything and clean. oh ya, and do laundry. and put up laundry. the list never ends.

and i'm starting to get hungry, so i think it may be time for a snack. i don't want to eat a lot cause then i won't be hungry for dinner, and i really want a tater for dinner. yummmmm....

ok. off to have a snack! thanks again valerie and jennifer!!