Monday, January 25, 2010

wagon ride

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have i shared the story of addison's wagon with you before?

if i have, just skip this. but if you haven't heard the story, read this...

well, it all began a few weeks before addison's 1st birthday. chris and i decided to get addison a wagon for her birthday (my mom helped with the idea). i took addison to target one day to get one, and it wouldn't fit in the shopping cart. so we left wagon-less. chris and i went back together and were able to get it.

fast forward a few weeks to addison's birthday party. if you recall from this post, addison was riding in her wagon on her birthday.

start wagon obsession.

i kept the wagon in our dining room, because it's pretty much our room for stuff that we don't have a home for. addison didn't really know it was in there, but soon discovered it. she would crawl in there almost every day and sit by it because she wanted to go on a ride. since it was cold outside, chris and i would just pull her around the house. and she loved it. she would cry when we took her out. not a good sign.

sometimes, though, i didn't want to take her for a wagon ride. i mean, 3 wagon rides in one day is a little much. don't you think?

well addison didn't think it was too much. she would crawl in there and i would pick her up and take her away from it and she would just cry. and cry and cry and cry.

pitiful addison.

it got to the point that she was just crawling in there constantly. i would pick her up, she would cry, i would put her down in the living room with her toys, and she would just crawl back in the dining room to her wagon.

repeat. repeat. repeat.

one day i decided i had had enough.

addison had crawled in the dining room, i picked her up, she cried, and once she was sitting in the living room, i made a run for it. i ran into the dining room and wheeled the wagon into the garage. it was actually kind of difficult.

and addison followed me the whole way...


poor baby.

but that was it. she would crawl into the dining room looking for it, but it wasn't there. soon, she didn't even look for it.

fast forward to saturday.

my mom came over and it was so nice outside. we decided it would be a great day to take addison for a wagon ride. it would be the first ride she had gone on since i banned the wagon to the garage.

she was so excited when we put her in.

what a happy baby. she enjoyed the whole ride. i mean, who wouldn't enjoy being pulled around in a wagon?

these last 2 pictures were my favorites. but there's a glare/spot on addison's face. don't know how that happened :(

when we took her out, she didn't cry. yay! addison has overcome her wagon obsession.

although we had a great morning on saturday, wagon ride included, addison wasn't so hot that afternoon.

we were all ready to go to my mom's just to hang out and addison broke down. she just cried. i don't know why, but she just wouldn't stop crying. she wanted to be held. she didn't want to be held. she didn't know what she wanted.

so, we just decided to stay home that afternoon.

i tried playing with her but she didn't want that. i finally gave her a teething ring and that made her happy...

...for a while. but then it was back to fussy baby.

i don't think she's teething, but i think the cold teething ring just caught her attention. she decided she wanted to try and walk with her cart while holding her teething ring.
kind of dangerous.

we made it through the fussy phase that day, and she took a nice nap. she woke up a happy baby again.


you know how i said saturday it was really nice? well, it was. it was 58* i think.

and guess what...'s snowing today! weird.

just thought i'd share that!


The Pollans said...

Her shirt is too cute and she is darling. Kaegan never was a fan of wagons. She is my wild child she wanted out to run wild, haha.

bailey said...

ha thanks! my mom dressed her that morning. it's a little tight around her chubby belly. addison likes being pulled around. she thinks she's a queen. haha!