Monday, October 3, 2011

addison's first movie

addison went to her first movie a few weekends ago.

we went with my mom and 2 of my friends {maegen and haley}.

what did we see, you ask?

lion king, of course!!

in 3D, of course!!

that is the only picture i took. and it was before i realized that they gave us kid 3D glasses, so she was wearing adult ones.

we got popcorn {what's a movie without some good, buttery popcorn??} and we were set. although addison did get some lovely buttery fingerprints on her glasses, so we had to wipe them off a few times. it was hard to see through the butter.

addison was SO good. there were a lot of other kids there, so i wasn't really worried about her talking a little. she would say "he's in trouble" and "he's sad" and "he's happy" throughout the movie whenever something would happen to simba. but that was about it. she just sat there and ate a TON of popcorn and watched the movie!

i haven't seen it in forever and i had forgotten how good it is. i was singing along the whole time. and yes, i cried when mufasa died.

it was a great first movie experience, and i can't wait to take her to see more!! it gives me an excuse to see kid movies that i want to see, but feel weird going to see as an adult. i think the next one will be happy feet 2.