Thursday, October 6, 2011

my new love for luggage

i don't know when it happened.

but i've developed a love for old luggage.

my mom, maegen, and i went to the flea market in august and saw a lot of old luggage for sale. but, it was kind of pricey. like $20-$40. not really in my price range.

btw, that trip to the flea market was a huge success. maegen and i both got purses {leather, crossbody purses, which i had been on the hunt for}. mine is fossil and is kind of worn, which i like. i don't remember what brand maegen's is. but, we got them for $7.50 each. that's one of the many benefits of having my mom there...bargaining with the sellers. i also got a pair of armani sunglasses {they're from the 90s. kinda vintage. super cute}. and i got a gold chain necklace, a gold and white bracelet, and a pocket watch to put a chain on and make a necklace. score!!

anyway, back to luggage.

so my mom and i went to a huge community garage sale a few weekends ago. we got up super early {like 5:45} so we could get there bright and early.

and i found these beauties. there was a kind of retirement community that was having a yard sale, and these 3, adorable old women had a garage full of stuff {seriously full. packed. i don't know how they had so much stuff}. but i found these 2 among all the stuff.

$7 for both. love them! they do kind of smell like moth balls, but my mom said she knows a way to remove the smell, so we're going to try that.

we also went to yard sales last weekend. i found this super cute suitcase at one, and i really wanted it. but i didn't get my hopes up because i figured it'd be at least $15, which i didn't want to spend.

but, my mom asked the seller how much she wanted for it. and guess what she said....

...$1. that's it. a dollar. ahhhhhhh! she said her husband would probably have wanted more, but he wasn't out there with her and she didn't care. i was so excited!

i haven't exactly decided what i want to do with my luggage yet. i think i want to use them as decorations in my room, but i can also use them for storage. i'd seriously consider using them as luggage when i travel {which isn't very often}. they're pretty small though, and i'm quite the over packer. they're going to get used somehow because i love them!!