Thursday, November 10, 2011


oh blog. you have become neglected.

i'm sorry.

my dad has been pestering me to post some pictures, so here i am. finally blogging. and it's going to be a bunch of random stuff since halloween.

addison went to her first classmate's birthday party the saturday before halloween. i'm so glad we went! i was able to meet a few of the parents and watched addison play with some of her new friends. and she had SO much fun. they had playtime, snacks, cupcakes, face painting, balloon animals, and goodie bags. i want to be invited to a birthday party like that.

addison and i went to my friend's halloween party later that night. addison was a pirate, and my friend and i were mr. and mrs. potato head. i was the mr. and haley was the mrs. i made them the night before for only $9 i think. super cheap. we found the pullovers at cvs for $1 each {who woulda thought!}. and then we just got felt and velcro {i made them to where you could move the pieces around so we could swap throughout the night. that was a lot of wasted effort because it would have been just as easy to switch pullovers. oh well. they were cute!}

on halloween, we still have 2 pumpkins that needed to be carved. so i looked up some stencils and settled on one. i thought it may be kind of hard, and it was. mainly because the pumpkin was so freaking thick. whatever. it was totally worth it. turned out super cute.

i love hello kitty!

we went to the zoo last week with my friend amy. it was a perfect day. i didn't know how many more days we'd have like that, so i wanted to take advantage of it. we went through the whole zoo, which we hadn't done in a while. there were a ton of kids there on field trips, but they were all dispersed so it didn't seem that bad.

addison is obsessed with all of my friends. so whenever they're around, she wants to play with them and not me. so she wanted amy to take her to see the meerkats.

we went to the petting zoo and a lot of the goats were actually out. so addison got to run around and pet a lot of them. one of which was quite fond of me and my sweater. i had forgotten that they like to eat clothes.

and addison promptly passed out on the way home. seriously passed out. i tried to wake her up to get lunch and nothing. if i hadn't had to drive, i would have passed out too.