Tuesday, November 22, 2011

birthday day

we started out addison's birthday with some lovely cuddles.

i actually blew up balloons the night before to put in her room. i got the idea from mandy at harper's happenings. i was so excited for addison to wake up and see all of them!

but, she woke up pretty early saying she needed to go potty and then she wanted to sleep with me. so she didn't really get to wake up and see them, but as soon as she woke up {which was later than usual. happy addison's birthday to me too!} she went into her room and was so excited!

we spent a good part of the day just playing in her room with her balloons.

she had a super healthy breakfast.

yes, a cupcake for the birthday girl.

we went to lunch with gigi and granny at one of addison's favorite places, firehouse. kid's eat free on mondays so we hit that up a lot. and then got this awesome new coke machine. it's just one thing and has a touch screen and a button to push to dispense your drink. i want one. i'm a dork. ok, enough about that.

addison worn her princess tiara most of the day, and i didn't object. it was her birthday.

it was raining too, so she wore her rain boots. and jumped in lots of puddles. i've taught her well.

apparently you're supposed to do the chicken dance on your birthday. she has no clue what the chicken dance is, but it sure looked like she was doing it when i was taking her picture.

if you look closely, you can see her present piled up in the background. we had her party on sunday, so her presents were already opened. and she got a lot. which means i will be doing some toy organization/purging. while addison sleeps, of course.

her third birthday day was quite the success. we didn't do anything too exciting because we were both still exhausted from the party the day before. but we got to hang out and play all day long, which was a win.


Christa said...

she is too adorable. looks like a lot of fun

Haley said...

Oh my goodness she is getting so big! She's precious though!

Venassa said...

What a cutie! Sounds like she had a great birthday! I'd love to get a cupcake that yummy looking for breakfast.