Wednesday, August 3, 2011

addison's first sleepover

monday night, addison had her first sleepover.

my cousin, georgia, called me last week and wanted to know if addison could come spend the night with her or if she could come spend the night here. i thought addison would be better here, so i suggested she come over here! addison loves georgia, so i knew she'd be so excited about the sleepover. georgia is 9, but it think she's always wanted a younger sibling. so when addison came along, georgia loved being around her because it was like she had a little sister! and now that addison is older, she's more fun to play with!

addison's a good cuddlier sometimes...

i hadn't really thought of what all we would do, and when georgia wanted to make a craft, we had to be creative and come up with something. while we were figuring out what to do, addison and georgia colored on my mom's new chalkboard table! my mom got it at a yard sale and painted the top with chalkboard paint. i kind of made fun of her for doing it, but i've been drawing on it a lot. it's fun!

we decided to make flower pot magnets. first it was just going to be flowers, but we decided the flower pots would be really cute! addison helped a little bit, then she had to nap. georgia and i finished them up and addison was excited to see them when she woke up!

i think they turned out super cute! there was 1 for each of us.

we ordered pizza for dinner and watched madagascar {requested by addison}.

then georgia read addison llama llama before bed.

we got donuts for breakfast yesterday and then they watched another movie and played.

when we made the flower pots, we also made little headband things. addison didn't want to wear hers monday night, so i couldn't get a picture then. but she decided she wanted to wear it {for just a second} yesterday morning, so i got a picture!

i think addison had a lot of fun having a sleepover. she talked about it all last night and this morning. hopefully we'll be able to do it again!


Anonymous said...

I love this post, your so creative!

Triple A(: said...

I don't know you but I somehow came across your blog. I really enjoy reading it. You and your daughter are absolutely beautiful. I have a daughter, too.. she's 19 months. I can't wait until she's Addison's age and we can have even more fun together :-)