Monday, August 29, 2011

week in iphone pics

i'm linking up with amy at a good life again for a week in iphone pics.

i may have slacked a little with pictures. sometimes i just forget. oops!


monday was one of my slacking days. addison had mdo and i hung out by the pool. i wanted to get as much sun as possible before class started on thursday.


tuesday was a really busy day. addison and i went downtown to my school so i could get a parking pass. my friend maegen went with us, and my other friend amy met us there. amy is going to school there now too, but she's in the grad program. i showed her around a little bit while we were there, but it was so hot! my friend jenna met us all for lunch, and then all of us, minus amy, went to jenna's pool. after the pool, we went home. addison passed out on the way home and slept on me for about an hour. then when she finally got up, we went to mexican with my mom, jenna, and maegen. we went for the balloon lady, of course. but she wasn't there. we were all very disappointed.


wednesday addison had school again. after i picked her up, we went and got ice cream from sonic. addison loves their cones, just like her mommy. she's a little messier than me, though.


thursday was my first day of class. it went really well! aside from me wanting to fall asleep in just about ever class. i'm not used to being up that early. unfortunately i'll have to get used to it again. that night jenna, maegen, and amy came over for jersday. yes, i have become obsessed with jersey shore. my friends are to blame. so now, every thursday, we get together for jersday and watch jersey shore and make drinks. it's quite fabulous, actually.


friday , addison and i went to a few yard sales with my mom. addison got a little horton elephant. after that, we took my mom's car through the car wash. addison loved that. she stayed with her daddy that night and maegen and i had a little girls night. we got chinese takeout and watched the proposal. i have a major major crush on ryan reynolds. major.

that was our fun filled, busy, exciting week!