Tuesday, August 16, 2011

last day of swim lessons

addison went back for a third week of swim lessons 2 weeks ago.

she hadn't been in a few weeks, so the first day back wasn't exactly perfect. but she got better the second day, and the other three days were perfect!!

i'm so glad she warmed up to swim lessons. she was such a different child than she was at her first few days of class! she did such a good job.

the last day was a little different than the rest. it ended up storming right after the class started that morning, so they called it and we came back later that afternoon. i was a little stressed because i still had to pack to for the beach and i didn't want to miss her last swim lesson. everything was fine though!!

that afternoon, all the parents got to go sit out by the pool and watch the kids {instead of hiding in the carport}. addison did great! she'd just wave to me and smile. and being closer meant i got better pictures!

she got to dive for rings again and she loved it.

she was so proud of her pink ring!!

addison and her favorite swim teacher.

and this is addison with ms. carolyn.

of course, i had to throw addison in the pool since it was the last day. whenever the swim teachers throw her in, she doesn't care. but when it was my turn, she got a little upset. but she did great!

i'm so proud of her!