Monday, August 15, 2011

fall mdo

i'm back!

i bet you didn't even know i was gone.

well, i took a little vacation and went to the beach with a group of my friends for a week.

but i'll blog about that later.

today addison started back at mdo for the fall!

she really wanted to carry her backpack like a big girl. she held her lunchbox for a second, but then said it was too heavy.

i can't believe how big she's gotten since her first time at mdo.

i was kind of worried about how she would do since i just got back from being gone a week. but she did great! ran right in and then just looked back and waved bye.

i'm a little nervous about today because it's her first day at mdo potty trained. at the end of the spring, she was pretty much potty trained but i always sent her in pullups just in case. but today she went in panties. i'm sure she'll do fine though! she's such a big girl now.

can't wait to go pick my baby girl up!!