Thursday, August 4, 2011

fun at the fountains

last week i took addison over to the fountains at indian lake {an outdoor shopping center nearby}.

i forgot that hendersonville was having some water issues. apparently due to the heat, something is in the water. they're working on cleaning it {or fixing it. i don't know}. but, needless to say, the water smelt pretty bad.

the fountains were still on and there were other kids playing, so i just let addison play with them. i figured she'd be fine as long as she didn't drink much of it.

luckily, i had a cup in my car that she could play with because all of the other kids had cups too. didn't want her to feel left out!

and of course addison made new friends...

it was so hot outside, so i didn't last long. it gets hot really fast when you're not in the water!

addison had lots of fun. she had a bath as soon as we got home because she smelt a little bad {maybe more than a little}.

i'm sure we'll be going back. hopefully they get the water fixed soon!