Tuesday, August 2, 2011

new cousin

a few weeks ago, my cousin, liz, came to visit. i don't get to see her very often. she used to live in florida, but her and her husband moved to alaska, which is a long way away!

i was so excited to see her. but even more, i was excited to see her new baby boy!!!

addison loved spending time with her new cousin, finn. she really likes babies now.

she got in some granny cuddle time.

addison loved loving on finn. she gave him kisses and held his hand. so sweet.

i love when she crossed her legs. she's a goober.

addison then insisted that finn sit in a bedpan. great idea, kid. he actually liked it, surprisingly enough.

and i just had to post this picture of my mom and addison. both playing on their phones {addison's really on mine, but she seems to think it's her's sometimes}.

we had a great visit with liz and finn. i'm so glad we got to see them and got to meet finn! i can't wait to see them again, hopefully soon. we may have to make a trip up to alaska!