Monday, December 6, 2010

hanging ornaments

so i'm a little late getting these pictures up. a few days after thanksgiving, we put the trees up! i didn't really help much because i've been so busy with school. it makes me sad, but i was able to help some! addison has some new ornaments. since she's obsessed with mickey and elmo, my mom got her an ornament of each!

this is the first year addison was able to hang ornaments. it was pretty funny because she'd go hang it and then take a step back, then take it off and hang it somewhere else. i don't think she understood that it was supposed to stay in one place.

and then i tried to take a cool picture while i was hanging ornaments.

oh, and i'm going to post the last elmo tutorial (how to make the shirt and bow) this week! sorry to keep you waiting.