Thursday, December 23, 2010

christmas lights

earlier this week i went to look at christmas lights with my new family. we drove around looking for good houses, but didn't really find anything. there was some house a little ways away that was supposed to be good, so we went out there (not before i burnt my tongue horribly with hot chocolate in the car). the house was really pretty! they had a ton of lights. you had to pay $10 to drive through it, but there was a real santa and mrs. claus that you could talk to. addison wasn't with us so she didn't get to see him that night. i took some pictures, but since the car was moving some they didn't turn out good.

the next time, chris wanted to go look at lights and wanted my mom and i to join. so we headed out to a place my mom's friend told her about. it was free, and you could get out and walk around. it had been on the news the night before, so we were expecting it to be really crowded.

luckily, it wasn't that bad. the man who does the lights had a son that passed away (not sure how long ago), but his son loved christmas lights. the dad has been putting up more and more each year to honor his son. it's really sweet.

they also had a real santa so we tried to get addison to sit with him. we figured it would be a nice warm up for when we were going to take her to see santa the next day. she has been saying "ho ho ho" and "santa" all week, but as soon as it was her turn she freaked out. so santa made chris sit in his lap with addison. it was hilarious. glad i had my camera!

my mom loves flamingos so i had to get a picture of them. and then my mom and addison posed by them...

then i got a picture with addison. it was really dark so you can barely see us (in the bottom left)

we went to see santa again when we were leaving, and addison just ran right up to him. she had definitely warmed up to him!

addison had lots of fun and ran around saying "lights" all night.

we had more pictures taken with santa yesterday and i'll post those tomorrow :)

oh, and it's christmas eve eve!! only 2 days until christmas!!


Summer said...

How cute Bailey! Addison sure looked like she warmed up to Santa pretty quick! How fun to get a pic of Chris and Addison on Santa's lap LOL I totally had to do that with Kelcee this year too :0) The lights are so pretty! Been there on burning the tongue on hot cocoa ouchy....the flamingos reminds me of last weekend the kids pulled a trick on one of the neighbors and put like 20 plastic flamingos in there yard with santa hats hahahahha

glad ya'll had fun
Merry Christmas

Paige said...

This looks like the pictures of the guy that won the contest on News Channel 5, not sure if it's the same?! The Nashville area has so many amazing lights to see!