Wednesday, December 15, 2010

waitlist is OPEN! and some other things...

first and foremost, the waitlist is now OPEN! yay!!

there are 20 spots open (that's for now. if i can get more in over the break i'll open it back up). it's going to work the same way as last time. hop over to my shop to check out all of the details.

while we're on the blog design topic, i thought i'd share some of the new designs i've done! there aren't many, but i'm really loving working with simple designs now! you can click on the header to view the whole design...

and the last, most exciting bit of news is that i'm done with school for the semester!! yay! yesterday i had my last "exam", which wasn't really an exam at all. we had to go at 8 a.m. and take a survey that we could have taken in class. i'm just annoyed by that class all together, but it's over now!! so i won't complain about it any more. i'm ready to get lots of things done over my break, including lots of blogs! and maybe some relaxing in there.

i think the christmas countdown can begin now. 10 days!! i have a big week ahead and i still need to do more christmas shopping.

dear life...slow down!!

the relaxing may be hard to come by, but i'm so glad i don't have to stress about school for a full month!!


Tracy-Girl @ Then I Got To Thinking said...

I love the designs... they are all adorable. And yay for finishing up all your classes. That must be the best feeling. Now you can just focus on being in the holiday spirit! :)

Venassa said...

The designs are so nice! Simple ones are my favorite. I wish I could afford to get on your waiting list now, but maybe some other time. I love your designs.