Wednesday, December 22, 2010

cookie bakin' and gingerbread makin'

when mary and baby g came over monday we made cookies and gingerbread houses. i didn't include any of those pictures yesterday because i figured you'd want to admire baby g in all his adorable glory.

so here are the pictures of the action, with some more of baby g :)

addison was so excited about helping make cookies. she helped my mom make rice krispie treats this weekend, so i think she knows making things in the kitchen is fun (i wonder how long that will last).

she wanted to eat the cookie dough so bad, but i didn't let her. i think she was able to sneak a few bites though. and she really didn't want me to put them in the oven. but she loved watching them once we put them in.

baby g was passed out in his boppy the whole time we were baking and making gingerbread houses.

addison stayed up a little while and helped make gingerbread houses. my mom helped her make one. by help, i mean try to eat things that had already been glued down. gross!! and my mom used elmer's glue at one point. we had to make her spit some things out. it was pretty funny.

after she went to take a nap, baby g woke up and wanted to be fed. he ate, and then we put him in addison's hippo seat and he really liked it! he's not big enough or strong enough to sit in it by himself, but i think he will be pretty soon! i think he felt like a big boy in it.

and here are the beautiful gingerbread houses! my mom made the icing (which we used as glue) and we used graham crackers for the house and different candies as decorations.

this is mine...

this is addison's/my mom's...

and this is mary's...

and this is the gingerbread neighborhood!

it was really fun making them. i now know why they make the kits though. i'm sure it's so much easier when you have the pieces already in the shapes you need them. i had a big hole between the house and roof because i didn't have a triangle piece. i still think they all turned out really cute!

only 3 days until christmas!!


~Jamie Kubeczka~ said...

That looks like so much fun! I have a good friend of mine and they do the samething. She says it's much more fun doing it this away. I have yet to try one, so it's on my list to do for next year! Cute pictures!