Friday, December 17, 2010

garth brooks

that's where i was last night. at the garth brooks concert. and it was so much fun!!!

i don't listen to much country music (although i do listen to some. i mean, common. nashville is country music). some of the songs i remembered but didn't know the words to. but there were a few that i knew every word. i was actually surprised!

i went with my friend, mary, and her MIL and SIL. we were on the next to top row, and we still had a great view.

i think garth was a little tired after the show. he's going to lose some weight when it's all over. he's doing 9 shows (which are all sold out), and he had 2 last night. we went to the one at 7 and there was another at 10. i can't even imagine. all of the ticket sales are going to help flood victims in nashville, i believe.

trisha yearwood performed some too, and that was fun. i didn't realize her and garth brooks are married. i should have done my homework!!

after the concert, mary and i went to a late dinner at p.f. chang's (which was delicious). it was nice to have a fun girls night.

and i get to have another one tomorrow night!! yay! i'm going to something christmasy with my step-mom and step-sister, and i've never been before. hmmm...wonder what it is?? well, i know :) i'll fill you in next week...

oh, i almost forgot! 8 days until christmas!


Summer said...

how fun, oh and yeah Nashville is the heart of country music LOL....I like bits of it....some older Hank Williams Jr., Johnny Cash, I love Taylor Swift, and I do like Garth Brooks, my bestie named her oldest daughter Gracie because he has a daughter named Gracie LOL....funny....

Glad you had a great time with friends

Have fun tonight

whooo hooo 8 days til Christmas


Venassa said...

I think Garth Brooks would put on a great show. I remember him retiring a few times back in the day, but he's still at it I guess. Great to hear that sales may be going to flood victims.

Paige said...

I was suppose to go to that concert but decided to work instead since Christmas is so close. Everyone says that he is putting on a great show! I absolutely love how everyone in Nashville has came together for flood victims! One amazing town.

JMay said...

That must have been such a fun concert!