Tuesday, December 14, 2010

elmo birthday party tutorial 4: shirt and bow

finally. the last of the birthday tutorials. if you missed the first 3, here they are!

birthday banner tutorial
cupcake toppers tutorial
party favors tutorial

ok, so on to the shirt and bow.

these were really easy to make. well, i wouldn't really know first hand because my mom made them, but she made it look really easy!

what you'll need for the shirt:
plain shirt (i got one from carter's. it was pretty cheap)
felt (from either joann's or hobby lobby)
iron on fusing (from joann's or hobby lobby)
embroidery thread (from joann's or hobby lobby)
embroidery needle
large letter or number (i used the same font from the birthday banner, but made it about 1/2 to 3/4 of a page. you can make it whatever size fits best!)

first you print the letter/number and cut it out. then iron the iron on fusing on to the felt. then trace the letter/number onto the iron on side (backwards so the felt side will be the right way), and cut that out. that way you only have to cut the letter/number out once!

you can do the embroidery one of two ways. you can outline it first with the embroidery thread (make sure you take off the paper backing before you embroider the letter/number) and iron it on last. or you can either iron the letter/number onto the shirt first and then use the embroidery thread to outline it. totally up to you!! my mom did it the first way and suggests that.

my mom also made a little party hat for the shirt, and it looked really cute!

i'm going to make another with a big "a" on it soon. they're so easy and cheap!!

for the bow, my mom actually had the bow and just added to it. she got an elmo ring from a party store and attached it to the bow and then added some ribbon to it.

she was quite the cutie at her party!!


Leslie said...

So so cute!! Thanks for doing all the tutorials- they are awesome!

Law Momma said...

I don't know when I've seen something this cute!!! You know me though, even with tutorials I would fail. Miserably. :)

Kara said...