Tuesday, November 30, 2010

elmo birthday party tutorial 3: party favors

i wanted to be a good hostess and have little presents for addison's little friends. actually, my mom asked me what i was going to give them 2 days before the party and i had no idea. so she helped me throw something together, and it ended up being super cute!

i put an elmo place mat (i think they were $1 from walmart), a mini thing of goldfish crackers (since elmo has a goldfish), a picture frame, and a cookie.

by this time, i was really into cutting stuff out. i was getting good at it. call me crazy, but i decided to cut out even more stuff.

the only thing i made to go in the bag was an elmo picture frame (go figure). but i made a big elmo to go on the outside of the bag and i cut each child's name out and glued it to the bag.

what you'll need for the frame:
extra elmos you made for the cupcake toppers. hope you made extras! if not, whip up a few more.
blue poster board
plastic picture frame (not sure where they came from, but i'm assuming they're super cheap)

i measure the picture frame (i think it was 5x7) onto the poster board and cut it out. then i used a ruler and made about a 1 inch boarder (i didn't do it perfectly. i just used the ruler for a straight line). then i cut the inside out.

next, i put the elmo in the top left corner (he can go anywhere, though). i made sure none of him would be hanging out of the frame. then i taped it. taping is much much easier than gluing. and then i put that in the frame! cute, huh?

what you'll need for the bag decorations:
scrapbook paper (i used what was left from the birthday banner and cupcake toppers. red, white, black, orange, pink, and blue)
gift bags (i used blue and white)
elmo stencil
letters for each child's name (done like the birthday banner letters, just much smaller. makes it kind of harder to cut out, but you could just write their name on the bag or trace the letters and color them in)
elmer's glue
tooth pick(s).

for the bag itself, i used just a plain bag (2 blue-for the boys, 1 white-for the girl). i took the elmo stencil from the cupcake topper and just made it bigger. it took a few tries, but i finally got it right.

after that, i printed off letters for each child's name and cut those out. then i traced them onto scrapbook paper (backwards, of course). i used pink for the girl's name and red for the boy's name.

i glued it all on the bag (i used a tooth pick for the letters), and then loaded them up!

here they are at the party...

i thought they ended up being really cute! i was quite proud of myself :)


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Cari and Cortnee @ Two Sasters said...

My daughters 2nd birthday (elmo theme) is next week so I came across your blog. Thanks for the ideas! We are your newest followers!