Monday, November 15, 2010


you guessed it. i'm sick. blah. i feel snotty and obviously have a lot of it in my nose too. gross, right?

the weekend started out ok. except for the fact that i was starting to feel a little sick. this weather is driving my sinuses crazy. cold one day, hot the next. what's up november??

despite the oncoming cold/sinus infection, we made a trip to the zoo on friday. it was really nice outside (74 in november is pretty rare). addison had a blast even though she was starting to feel the sickness too. my mom was in the worst part of her sickness and addison and i were in the beginning stages of sickness. joy. but we got through it and had fun!

my mom loves flamingos. they just got some at the nashville zoo, so my mom was really happy.

the giraffe got really close to us. he/she walked over toward us and i got a little nervous. do giraffes attack people??

saturday i didn't feel bad, but i didn't feel very good either. i had been taking some medicine and it seemed to be making me feel a little better. but sunday was a different story.

i felt ok in the sinus area, but my stomach felt sick all day. and then that night i could barely breath, which meant i didn't get much sleep. it wasn't fun. and today i'm feeling about the same.

other than being sick, the weekend wasn't too bad. i'm exhausted but i think that has a lot to do with the fact that i'm sick and didn't sleep much last night. i'm hoping i get to feeling better before tomorrow. i hate having to go to school when i'm sick, but i pretty much refuse to miss class because i know the one day i miss will be the day that we have some pop quiz or something important.

addison is much better sick than i am. she doesn't really care. she'll just cuddle and watch elmo and mickey mouse all day. she seems to be getting better though. hopefully i'll be on the same track as her!