Monday, November 1, 2010


friday night we dressed addison up and took pictures of her by the pumpkins. since they were going downhill fast, we wanted to get some good ones before they were totally unrecognizable.

addison wasn't very excited about taking pictures. this is how it started...

but then she got better...

my little fairy is so cute!

and our awesome pumpkins!

we had planned on going to the park last night, but our plans changed. the thing at the park started at 5, and by 4:30 there was already a huge line. we didn't think addison would have much fun waiting in line for a long time, so we decided to go see some of our friends that just had a baby!

baby g isn't even 2 weeks old. i love little babies!! he's almost as small as addison was when she was born. it's so crazy to think that addison was once that small!

mary is such a good mommy. i knew she would be!! i'm so happy for her and travis.

addison loves babies. when i held him she got a little upset, but wasn't too bad. we were going to let her hold him (with assistance, of course), but she was being a little fussy so we decided not to. maybe when he's a little bigger. and she's in a better mood!

chris held him and we let addison give him kisses though! she was so sweet.

i pretended to be a baby and lay in addison's lap. i wanted kisses but she wasn't fooled.

it's so funny to see travis with baby g. when addison was little bitty, he didn't want to hold her or anything. he was scared he would break her or something. being a parent just seems to come naturally. he's a good daddy too! baby g has some amazing parents :)

he's such a cutie.

he was even dressed up for halloween!

even though addison didn't go trick or treating, she still had lots of fun. she helped hand out some candy and got to hang out with friends. we may try the park again next year. or at least go trick or treating. i think she'll be ready by then!


Summer said...

Ya'll have mad pumpkin carving skills :) I am lovin' the Elmo one it rocks!! Addison is such a cute fairy, if we lived closer we could have totally got pics of Addison and Kelcee dressed as fun....I love Addisons blue chuck taylor shoes so presh!! How cute is that pic of her giving the baby pics and I laughed at the ones of you pretending to be a baby I love it so cute and sweet....I love the expressions on her face!! Glad ya'll had a fun time