Sunday, October 31, 2010

happy halloween!!

happy halloween everyone!!

i'm not really into all of the scary stuff that comes with halloween, like haunted houses and stuff. but i do love all of the cute and unique costumes! i love it even more now that i get to dress addison up!

we're planning on going to the park tonight to do their trick or treating thing. i don't think addison would do very well going door to door, so this seemed like the better option. we'll probably just hand out candy after that!

yesterday addison and i had a lazy day and cuddled a lot. and it was fantastic! i miss the days when she would cuddle all the time. i took advantage of her cuddly mood yesterday. she cuddle all morning while we watched mickey mouse clubhouse. we went to the park to watch little p play soccer. big p was there and addison had lots of fun playing with her! we ran a few errands and picked up icees after, which addison and i both love. then she cuddled lots more when we got home!

oh, and she pigged out at dinner last night. i'm thinking she's going through a growing spurt. we went to eat mexican and she ate some tortilla that she dipped in cheese dip, almost a whole cheese quesadilla, and lots of rice. then when we got home she had some ice cream and screamed when i tried to take her out of her seat after she finished that, so she had a few cookies too. she was a little piggy.

i'll post pictures of addison in her halloween costume and other fun halloween things tomorrow! she's going to be a fairy like she was at ghouls at grassmere. and i may even dress up :)

i hope everyone has a fun and safe halloween! and i hope you all get lots of yummy candy :)


Summer said...

She is so presh Bailey! Dontcha love when they wanna cuddle it just melts your heart! Kelcee is a busy little bee as well and they days she wants to just cuddle I just soak it all in! Ooooh Icee's are so yummy that is mine and Kelcee's fav thing to do as well she loves going to Target just so we can get popcorn and an Icee! Yay that Addison is eating so well! Kelcee loves Mexican food too! She loves the chips and salsa!!

I can't wait to see pictures of Addison in her Halloween costume I bet she looks so presh as will you if you dress up