Thursday, October 21, 2010

fall break

well fall break has come to an end. i was only out 1 day of class, but it was a nice 6 day weekend.

i was busy almost the. whole. time.

what all did i do over fall break??


- friday night my mom and i made addison her outfit for ghouls at grassmere.

- saturday i went with my new step-mom and step-sister (so weird to say) to get pampered before the wedding on sunday. we got manicures, pedicures, and had our eyebrows threaded. i had never had my eyebrows threaded before, and it was interesting. it was much needed though! it wasn't that painful. just about the same as having them waxed/plucked. but we all had pretty eyebrows and nails for the wedding on sunday!

- saturday night we went to ghouls at grassmere.

- sunday was my dad and melanie's wedding. pictures to come!

- monday wasn't very eventful during the day, but i went out with some of my friends that night.

- tuesday i went with chris to take addison to a pumpkin patch. it was about 30-45 minutes away. and guess what. they were closed. big fat fail. we're taking her sunday when i know it's open. our friends mary and travis also just had a baby, so we went to the hospital to see them. mary hadn't had the baby when we were there. can't wait to see baby g though!!

- wednesday i tried to just relax on my last day off.

during the break i still had to do some school work. i had to write 3 papers (boo) and read some accounting. fun stuff, right?

it really flew by. being busy is tiring! the whole week i was telling myself i was going to go to bed early, but i never did.

my last night of fall break was pretty good though! i had a yummy dinner with my mom, watched all my wednesday night shows (the middle, modern family, cougartown), finished my last paper, and watched hocus pocus (best halloween movie ever!!). and i went to be at 10. score!!


Keeping Up With Kaegan said...

Hocus Pocus, havent seen that movie in years, Im gonna have to find it and watch it now that you mentioned it. Have a great weekend.