Thursday, October 28, 2010

pumpkin patch

attempt number 1:

i really wanted to take addison to a pumpkin patch this year, and so did chris. so over my fall break, we decided to take her. chris was off that tuesday (which is when i usually have class), so we thought it would be good to go that day because it wouldn't be that crowded.

well, it wasn't very crowded. wait. it wasn't crowded at all. because we were the only people there! yes, it was closed.

it was about 35-40 minutes away, and i didn't even think to look and see when the place was open.

major fail.

attempt number 2:

much more successful than the first! i actually looked up their hours to make sure we wouldn't make another wasted trip.

it was pretty crowded, but we expected that since we went on sunday.

the weather was really nice. it felt really good. it was very overcast and looked like it might rain, but never did while we were there.

addison loved running around on the hay. she sunk into it a little, so i think that made it fun for her.

she especially loved the little pumpkin patch they had. there were mini pumpkins for the kids to take. she would pick one up and walk with it for a minute and then find another she liked and trade them out.

they had an area with a bunch of farm animals.

addison was a little weary when she went to pet the pig, but he didn't bite!

the goats were apparently really hungry! one of the little ones ran up and started to drink and then the other one attacked too!

i love these things. chris had to hold addison up for it though. i can't wait until she's taller and can stand up and poke her head out by herself. that way i can be in the picture too :)

addison liked the donkey too. he even licked her hands. which were promptly wiped off before she could stick them in her mouth.

and we always have to have a mommy-daughter picture :)

they had a huge corn maze that we didn't even go near. but they did have a little kiddy corn maze that we went through with addison. she had fun running around. she fell and got a boo boo. she cried for maybe a second and then was off again.

they had a pumpkin launcher thing. they launched one right after we got there. it scared me to death when it went off. i just wasn't expecting it to be that loud. i tried to get pictures, but there were sooooo many people.

the one thing i was disappointed about was the corn box thing. i was so excited to have addison play in a big thing of corn, but the corn box they had was tiny. seriously, tiny. maybe i can find a place with a bigger one next year :)

all in all, it was really fun. and addison had fun, which was all that mattered!


AF wifey said...

Such a cutie! Love her shoes!

Leslie said...

I'm a new follower and your little Addison is just so sweet! She reminds me a lot of my daughter, Ella. Really great pictures!