Wednesday, October 27, 2010

wee bit wednesdays

{one} have you ever seen a ghost?
i haven't seen a ghost, but supposedly my great-grandmother's old house was haunted (i guess you'd call it that). the man who built it was buried right by the house and they said he would come at night and open and close the cabinets in the kitchen. i think it's true, and i remember hearing it one night when i was younger.

{two} when was the last time you dressed up for halloween?
it's been a few years. but now i get to dress addison up with is so much better!

{three} what’s your favorite candy?
all of it. does that count? i love reese's, blow pops, skittles, pretty much any candy!

{four} did you have a favorite costume growing up?
i loved my dorothy from wizard of oz costume and my little poodle skirt costume.

{five} did you carve pumpkins this year?
we actually did that last night! i'm going to post pictures soon :)

{six} what’s your favorite scary movie?
well i don't like scary movies, so i don't have a favorite. i remember watching the ring and saw and not being able to sleep. so no more scary movies for me!

{seven} haunted houses or corn mazes?
corn mazes. i did haunted houses when i was younger (i think i only went to 2) and i hated it. i remember the first one i went to, they had chainsaws and the guy swiped at my legs as i was leaving and it scared me so bad.

{eight} are you superstitious?

{nine} have you ever owned a black cat?
nope. but i think i hit one the other night when i was driving home :( i'm hoping it was a skunk though.

{ten} what are you plans for this coming halloween?
i'm planning on taking addison trick-or-treating for a little bit. and maybe handing out candy after we're done.


Lea said...

Enjoyed your entry today, there's some fun questions.

Your little Addison is a cutie and I can certainly understand your loving being her Mom.

Blessings to you!