Monday, October 18, 2010

ghouls at grassmere

we had a very busy weekend. just be prepared. there will be a lot of pictures posted this week!

this weekend consisted of being pampered, ghouls at grassemere, and my dad's wedding.

i'll start with ghouls at grassmere.

i bet you're wondering what it is. well, it's this really cool thing at the zoo. you get tickets and go trick or treating at the zoo! most of the animals were eating dinner so we didn't get to see them, but it was still a lot of fun!

friday night my mom and i put together all of addison's outfit. she was a fairy. so cute! my mom and i made a tutu (just like we did last year). my mom made her the cutest bows. she also bought addison this light up stick thing, and she put some ribbon and tulle from the tutu and made it into a wand! so creative.

when we got there i was a little picture crazy. i took a ton of pictures before we even got out of the parking lot.

i took all of those in the parking lot while we were waiting on big p and little p to get there. remember them from here and here? they came too! that was one of the main reasons we went. and big a and little a came too! they are the daughters of big p and little p's mom's fiance, who also works with my mom. get all that?

here they are all together.

they all did so good together. addison walked around with all of the big girls a lot of the time.

addison was a little scared when she went to get candy, so she had to be carried up to the little places to get candy. she just didn't know what to think.

there were a ton of kids there. among the crowd, we spotted these adorable twins. i mean, seriously. how cute are they? i think the costume is so creative!

before we left we rode the spooky go round. it was the merry go round, but just halloween-ified (i just made that word up). the lights flashed and they played spooky music. i wasn't sure how addison would do, but my mom and i were both on there with her. and all the other girls were too, so she had friends.

it was her first time on a merry go round. she was a little freaked out because there were so many people. when the lights went out, all the other kids screamed which freaked addison out. i think if there hadn't been any screaming, she would have been fine. she didn't cry or anything, but she would give me that look like "should i be scared or is this ok?". my mom and i would just clap and smile whenever she looked at us like that.

it was really a lot of fun. it's definitely something we'll do again next year.


Mama Pea said...

oh she is so cute! i love her outfit!

Katie said...

Hello from your newest subscriber. :) I'm a Nashville mommy too. Hope you don't mind me adding. I've been wanting to do Ghouls at Grassmere, it looks like so much fun!