Wednesday, October 6, 2010

polka dots

i love fall clothes. especially on addison.

well, i love all of addison's clothes. and she's got a lot.

i especially love shirts and leggings. and don't get me started on her cute little jeans. she looks like a little adult when she wears jeans. tear.

i wasn't able to get many good pictures of addison in her cute polka dot outfit. she's not the most ideal model. she likes to run around a lot.

i don't know why she went to the window, but she was giving it kisses.

she then got ahold of a post-it note and was playing with it. she was trying so hard to get it to stick to her (and it was), but apparently it wasn't sticking to her standards. it looks like she's pooping in the 2nd picture, but she's just really trying to get that post-it note to stick!

she then proceeded to put the post-it on my back. i guess she's getting practice for when she puts little notes that say "kick me" on my back.


Caitrin said...

Very cute polka dot outfit!! I like your halloween blog design too :)

Haley said...

She's so cute, she keeps looking more and more like you, picture after picture!