Thursday, October 14, 2010

retainer baby

it's been a little over 2 weeks since i got braces.

well, my teeth have moved. or so i think. which makes me mucho happy...

but i went to the dentist today to pick up my retainer for my top teeth. you know, the one i only have to wear at night to get my front teeth perfect?

oh, ya. it's not just at night now. it's full time.

makes me mucho sad. (see the straight hair? i never straighten my hair. but i decided to this morning. definitely like it better curly!)

i think this is the only time i'll smile with the retainer in. i'm going to wear it all the time, except for when i'm in class (which i guess isn't really all the time. i can just hear my dad saying that). hopefully the next time i go back to the dentist, they'll tell me i only need to wear it at night.

my teeth are hurting again. just the top though. i asked if they could tighten my bottom teeth to speed up the process, but they said moving them too fast would be bad for them. i was willing to take some pain to get it over with quicker, but guess i can't.

and just so you don't kill me, here's a picture of addison :)

and just you can know how big of a dork i am, i got the blog title from an episode of the suite life on deck. you know i'm obsessed with disney. marcus wrote a song about girls that wear retainers, and i laughed when i saw the episode. i'm not laughing much now though!!