Friday, October 1, 2010

rough night

well last night was rough.

when i got home from class, i got addison up from her nap. she didn't want to give up her paci at all. she cried and cried and cried, but she calmed down after a while.

she ate dinner and went to bed, no problems. that wasn't the tough part of the night.

around 10:30, i heard her crying over the monitor. i thought she just couldn't find her paci. when i got up there, she was making a strange noise. it sounded like she was throwing up, so i turned on the light. she had thrown up once already, and threw up again after i turned on the light.

and it was all. over. her.

i felt so bad for her. it really scared her. and me too. i picked her up really quick and screamed for my mom to come in and she helped clean up. addison had mac and cheese for dinner, so it was pretty nasty. and she had milk, and it was gross. that's all i'll say that.

i put addison in the bath, but she was crying the whole time. i tried to quickly get her cleaned off and get her out. after that, we went downstairs to just chill for a few minutes and she seemed ok. i wanted to brush her teeth so her mouth wouldn't taste so nasty, so i sat her on the kitchen counter. right after i finished brushing her teeth, she threw up again. and again. and again.

she only got it on her clothes that time, so we just took those off and cleaned her off. and she seemed back to her normal self after that. she was talking and playing. so after a few minutes, we went to bed.

since she threw up in her bed, she slept with me. i had a little bucket by my bed just in case she got sick again. but i didn't think that would happen.

i was wrong.

around 2 this morning, she started crying. i tried to get her to calm down, but she wouldn't. so i sat her up and guess what happened. she threw up again. poor baby. i felt so bad for her all night.

after that, we got cleaned up again and went and slept on the floor in my mom's room. she did fine, and didn't throw up again. she got up around 6:30, which is really early for her. we just sat and cuddled and watched tv. she drank some sprite and then my mom got her some pedialyte. she ate 1 mini muffin for breakfast, but i'm just glad she ate.

i gave her a bath before she napped because she still kind of smelt like throw up. and i figured it would make her feel better.

she passed out and slept for almost 2 hours. she didn't eat much for lunch, but she seems to be fine now. she hasn't thrown up all day (knock on wood).

she's had a slight fever, but it hasn't seemed to phase her. we had a fun little photoshoot on my computer before nap time.

she's goofy. she'd actually click the button on my computer to take the picture. and she'd smile real big. someone loves herself. and i'm not talking about me ;)


Summer said...

Awwww I'm sorry Addison had the stomach virus! Poor little girl! Stomach Virus's stink! I am glad she is feeling a bit better! The pics of you and her look so cute :o)

Kelcee likes taking pics with my camera as well so I found that Fisher Price makes a real digital camera for little ones that is durable with a big bang proof break proof case for 50.00 so I bought it for her for christmas...thought I would give ya the heads up about it :0)


Haley said...

That sucks she got sick. Maybe it was a little bug goi g around. I know there's one going around up here in Jacobs school.

Those pictures are too cute. I showed the last one to one of my employees (that's 69 years old lol) and she goes "well isn't she just a doll! I bet her mommy is proud!" lol