Tuesday, October 5, 2010

all halloween-ed out

sunday night i put addison in her cute halloween pjs, and i got to thinking...why not decorate my blog for halloween?

so, i did! and i love it! i think it's a nice change.

and we had a little photoshoot yesterday so i could have a new picture for the header.

aren't here skeleton pjs just the cutest??

so what do you think? are you ready for halloween? only a few weeks away!!


Summer said...

Eeeeeeeeek not in a scary way LOL but in a I love your bloggy design way! That spider beside your name is presh as is that little girl in your header and photo shoot! Are those pjs from gymbo? I have been thinking about getting Kelcee some and now I am sold I am getting some Love them super cute.....I love the colors in your blog and the purple really makes it pop!! How fun!!


Haley said...

I love the design and her pjs! They're too cute! I can't wait to post pictures of Jacob rileys first Halloween!

Rachel said...

Bailey you are SO TALENTED! How cute is this design?! Love. You are just too cool :) Happy Tuesday!

Venassa said...

I LOVE her pjs. I would wear them if they came in my size.