Tuesday, October 26, 2010

the big day

addison and i went to a wedding 2 sundays ago.

it was for my daddy.

this is melanie, my new step-mom and addison's new mimi.

addison with her poppa. aka my daddy.

and....i'm not an only child anymore! i now have a step-brother and step-sister. i'm officially a middle child on one side of the family. it worked out pretty well for me. i never had to live with them and get in fights!

it was a pretty small wedding. only family and a few of my dad and melanie's friends.

this is my dad's brother's family.

my dad and melanie with my grandmother.

addison did very good. the wedding was sunday afternoon so addison got in a good morning nap. i let her run around the little bed and breakfast where the wedding was. i was technically the best man because i was standing on my dad's side. i held addison up there with me during the ceremony. my dad said that addison was the best man and i was just her carrier. i let her have her paci during the ceremony so she wouldn't start talking. she didn't even squirm! she did was to talk some though. she'd take it out and try to say something but i'd put it back in her mouth real quick! the ceremony was really short so i didn't have to worry about it for long.

the new husband and wife!

melanie's great-nephew was there and he is almost exactly 1 year older than addison. they played together for a while. it was very cute!

addison became very possessive of her book. she scooped it up and tucked it under her arm so no one else could have it.

addison and her new auntie ali.

and addison and her poppa. she's a spoiled little girl!

the wedding was really pretty. i didn't get to take as many pictures as i had wanted since i was trying to keep up with addison the whole time too. it wasn't very long (i really don't like long weddings), and the cake was delicious! i'm very happy for my dad and melanie! and i'm excited to finally have siblings, even if they are step-siblings!


Katie said...

Congratulations to your family!