Tuesday, November 9, 2010

run daisy

so i'm sure everyone is familiar with groupon. you know, where you get deals on local shops/restaurants.

well, my friends mom started something similar to groupon, but better.

it's called run daisy. she launched it in nashville, but will soon be expanding it to other major cities, like atlanta, chicago, dallas, charlotte, orlando, and more. you can subscribe to your cities deals and get daily coupons!

the thing that sets it apart, in my opinion, is the fact that they give back to a local charity. they have a selection of charities, and when you get the deal, you get to pick a charity to give back to!! you don't pay more to give back to the charity. that is included in the price you pay. how awesome is that?!

yesterday i got my first deal. i paid $5 for $10 worth at sweet cece's!! yummmmmmmm.

so, if you live in the nashville area, you should definitely check it out! and even if you don't live in nashville, check it out and see if there will be deals in your area!!

**i wasn't asked to do this post. i just did it because i love run daisy!**


Summer said...

How awesome and what a great cause too! I wish we had something like that in our area but WV is the last to get anything LOL....


LivKit said...

Cool idea! Great for the cause! Id so do it if I lived in the area! .. Btw.. I gave you a blog award, hop over to my blog and check it out!