Monday, November 22, 2010

addison's elmo party

let me just say this. throwing a party is exhausting. and this is only addison's 2nd party. i have many years of party throwing ahead of me.

it was pretty perfect though! everything went really well. lots of people came. addison had lots of fun.

my mom and i made almost everything at the party. at least decoration wise. i made the cupcake topper, the decorations on the gift bags, picture frames for the gift bags, the birthday banner, and my mom made her shirt and bow. we opted out of making cupcakes and let publix do that. and it was really cheap too! i found a cute idea to make cupcake toppers, so i did that instead of spending a fortune on an expensive cake or decorated cupcakes. my mom also got lots of cookies (she had a gift card that she needed to use, so we used it!). we had some snacks, and that was that. i'm sure the food was good, but i was running around the whole time and didn't have a chance to eat any of it. it happens.

i just had to throw in a picture of baby jackson's snot bubble. it was SO funny! he's such a cutie.

addison got her first car for her birthday. it's so cute. there were a lot of barbie stickers to put on it, but i decided not to put those one. they weren't that cute. i figure we can decorate it ourselves.

she's not the best driver. but it takes practice, right? she would just sit back and push the gas. she wouldn't hold on to the steering wheel or anything. and she closed her eyes some. we need to give her some driving lessons.

addison definitely racked up! she got a lot of really great gifts. can't wait to play with them too :)

i'll be posting some tutorials on how to make the cupcake toppers, the picture frames, the birthday banner, and the shirt. it involves a lot of cutting, so be ready!! i became a pro with the scissors!


Summer said...

Kelcee has that same Beatle Bug she got it for her 3rd BDay LOL and she totally closed her eyes and wouldn't steer hey she still won't LOL

OK so I am loving the Banner you made girl that is so fabulous, the cupcake toppers are presh, you are totally gonna have to teach me and I love Addison's outfit and Elmo hairbow and LOL about the snot bubble that is the funniest thing ever

glad she had such a great day
Oh and girl the parties get more tiresome each year this fourth birthday kicked my bootie more kiddos equal more running LOL


Paige said...

Her little outfit is just adorable, as well as the cookies, cupcakes and that little car! Addison really did rack up on the cute stuff at her party! What a blessed little girl she is =)

If you wanted to still do the meet up, there are so far 5 that are coming. No plans have been made yet, I am waiting for my work schedule. If you want to check out who all is coming the post is still up.

Anonymous said...

Everything came out great, you did a wonderful job on the decor!

Mama Pea said...

Wow you did a great job!! What a great party! I love Addison's birthday shirt and her new car.

Kit said...

I love her new car! It looks like she had a great time! You did such a great job with everything!

by the way...I love your hair!

Ashley said...

Super cute party! I love her banner and oufit! Oh, and her sweet new car!