Monday, October 15, 2012

disney on ice

last sunday we went to see disney on ice.

it was our second time to go. the first time was about a year ago i guess. i honestly don't really remember.

what i do remember from last time is that i loved it more than i thought i would. i actually didn't think i'd even enjoy it. but i was completely wrong. it was all about princesses and i was pretty much in disney heaven. right along with addison.

needless to say, i was pretty pumped about going again. probably just as excited as addison.

she dressed up in a tutu and tiara. she looked super cute!!

this time, we steered away from all of the food with little toys and just got addison a little mermaid t-shirt.

this time was a little different than last time. mickey and minnie were the hosts {as usual}. but there were only a few different, longer, parts. there was cars, little mermaid, tinkerbell, and toy story 3.

personally, i would have rather just seen princesses. but i guess repeating what they did last year would have been kind of silly.

addison LOVED it though.

the entire time, she kept asking what was next. and at the end, she continued to ask. and when we kept telling her it was over, she started to cry. she wanted more.

it was one of those times when she was upset and crying, and my mom, chris, and i were all laughing. ha. poor girl.

all in all, we had a great time. we'll definitely go back next year. and i'll be super excited if they do princesses again :)


Amy said...

What was the show called? Planning on taking my girls to a disney on ice but there are two different ones coming to Toronto. Thanks!

bailey said...

i honestly have no idea which one it was. i think the ads for it had ariel and cars, if that helps at all!