Wednesday, October 17, 2012

my girl

i really don't know.

i don't know how i got so lucky to have addison.

i don't know how she's become such an amazing little girl.

how does that happen? how do kids just grow up?

it really amazes me.

it's hard to imagine her as such a little baby. obviously she was. because, common, we all know they were babies once.

but, omg. almost 4?!

i know there have been times that i haven't been patient enough.

i've lost my temper.

i haven't spent enough time working with her to write her name.

i haven't baked enough cookies with her.

i've made myself feel guilty about not being with her enough. being away at school or work.

or working on homework while she's in the other room watching tv.

or even putting a movie on so i can just have a while to sit and relax and have some me time.


everything. all of this. will be worth it. in the end.

i will be able to give addison more than i would have had i not gone back to school. had i not continued in school. had i not gotten an internship.

all of this is for us. for her.

there is light at the end of the tunnel. and i can't wait to get there.


Nessa said...

You're a better mom for doing it all!
She looks so grown up in that outfit.