Monday, October 29, 2012

pumpkins & witch hats

thursday night we decided to carve pumpkins. my mom was going out of town friday and i figured it was the only day we'd have time before halloween. so addison and i went and picked up a few pumpkins after i picked her up from school. and then we carved!

addison picked what she wanted me to carve. of course it was tangled. we have another pumpkin, so i may carve ariel into that one. addison's dad carved phineas from phineas and ferb. he's kind of obsessed with that show.

thursday night addison told my mom and i about how she was going to go to chattanooga to marry one of the boys from her class. and she was so adamant about it. it was pretty funny.

she looked super cute going to school on friday. she always looks cute, but some days she just looks so old.

we made some witch hat cookies that i found on pinterest. they're so easy and cute {and pretty delicious}. addison had fun helping make them. she especially liked when a cookie broke and she got to eat it. she's definitely my child!!