Wednesday, October 24, 2012

the color run

sunday i did the color run.

along with thousands of other people.

my mom's friend started a team, so her, my friend amy, and i all signed up.

we've been looking forward to it since we signed up this summer.

amy and i may have had a little fun the night before, but we were still up for the race. we had our white on and were ready to get colored!

i don't think i realized how many people were actually doing the race until we got there. we ended in the 11th group to go. so people were done before we even started.

amy and i ran most of the way. we just walked through the color places so we could get as much color as possible.

and i think we did pretty well!!

my mom and one of her friends ran and walked the whole thing, so we met up after.

we hung around to throw our color packets that we got {which resulted in us getting even more color all over us}. and then we headed out.

i don't really know what i expected the color stuff to be, but it was just dyed corn starch. so it wasn't wet and nasty. but if it did get wet {like sweaty wet}, it kind of got caked on. which was kind of gross.

we went to lunch after, unwashed. i'm sure we looked weird {and dirty}, but there were a lot of other people out from the race so we weren't the only ones.

it was honestly a blast. it didn't seem like a 5k at all. if they ever come back, i'll definitely do it again. and i'll take addison.

if it comes to where you live, do it!!!