Tuesday, October 30, 2012

our weekend

we started the weekend with addison's {cold} soccer game. it got cold towards the end of last week, and i don't think i'm ready for it. i love wearing warm clothes and boots, but i don't like being realllllllly cold. oh well.

i had to take snacks for the soccer game. nothing makes me feel more like a soccer mom than taking snacks. i got some little halloween bucket things from the $1 bin at target for each of the kids. i put some witch hat cookies, string cheese, grapes, and drinks for the kids in them. and some light up bracelets that my mom had. i thought it was cute for the game before halloween :)

after the game addison had a birthday party to go to. we went to 2 parties last weekend. is there a birthday season?? because if so, we're in it.

sunday we went to the titans game. it was addison's second game. amy, addison, and i sat in my dad's seats. my aunt and uncle gave me their seats, too, so maegen and haley sat in those. and maria went with her boyfriend. so we were all there! we tailgated for a little bit before.

we had a blast at the game. addison behaved {for the most part}. she made friends with the couple behind us and the girl that sat beside me. we even stayed for the whole game {and the few minutes of overtime}.

after the game, we went to ghouls at grassmere. i'll save that for another post, though :)