Thursday, November 1, 2012


i made addison's costume again this year. it wasn't too difficult. after searching pinterest and google, i found this martha stewart tutorial on how to make a mermaid costume. it's for an adult, but i liked the way the tail looked and thought i could make one similar for addison.

my mom got some fabric for me to make the skirt. i put off making the costume until the day before i needed it. surprise, surprise. i made a target run to get a top for addison to wear {just a plain white tank top}, and i saw that they had the tank top in hot pink, too. i got the idea that maybe i could just make the tank top into a skirt instead of making one out of fabric. so that's what i did! i turned it upside down so the straight seam would be at the top, i cut off the straps, pinned it on addison, and then sewed! it isn't really the prettiest sewing job, but it fits her! i got blue sparkly and light pink tule and cut it into squares and attached those to the bottom of the skirt with some fabric tape that doesn't require ironing. my mom also got some purple shiny fabric, so i used that for addison's "boobies" {that's what she likes to call the mermaid top}.

i worked some yesterday, but left early so i could go to addison's school party. i tried to be festive and halloween-y and wore black and orange.

addison had a blast at her halloween party at school! my dad went with me so he got to experience her class first hand. not sure if he's going to want to go to another class party :) we got there before any of the other parents. the kids were all just waking up from their naps and were starting to get into their costumes. i asked the teacher if there was anything i could do, and she asked me if i could read the kids a book. of course i agreed! i read about 2 pages and i lost the kids. oh well. at least i tried. the party had a ton of snacks for the kids and they even got to decorate a mini pumpkin!

we headed home from the party and i changed into something warmer, then we went to the park to trick or treat. we did it last year and addison loved it. and it's so close that it would be silly not to go. there's always a line, but it seemed to move pretty quickly. it was pretty cold, but it definitely didn't deter anyone!

after the park, we came home to warm up for a few minutes. then we walked around the neighborhood. addison didn't actually trick or treat in the neighborhood, but we went to a house that had a few bounce houses. they own a party business, so they rent the bounce things. addison played in one for a little bit. and they had popcorn, so chris and i ate some of that, too.

addison is really into handing out candy, so we ended up just coming home after she jumped and did just that! she already had a ton of candy, so she didn't need anymore anyways. she was so funny handing out candy to all the kids. she would chat with them all about their costumes and say "happy halloween!" after she gave them candy.

it was definitely a successful halloween! addison scored a ton of good candy {of which i have already put a dint in. sorry addison! not really. i left plenty for her}.

hope everyone's halloween was fabulous!!


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