Monday, November 26, 2012

ariel birthday party

addison's birthday party was a blast!! she had so much fun. we had it at a local bouncy place that she loves. a bunch of kids from her class {10 to be exact} came. she was in heaven playing with all of her friends.

i ordered her invitations from poshberry parties and they were adorable! i was going to try and make the invitation, but i found these and fell in love. i also got the cupcake toppers from the shop as well.

i ordered her shirt from character designs. it was perfect!

we got the cupcakes from publix {which we will continue to do because they are delicious and cheap}. and i made cake pops {funfetti and strawberry}. i also made chocolate chip cookie dough pops {which were delicious but a HUGE pain to make}.

addison is not at all spoiled.

one of her dad's friends got addison a fish. like a real, live fish. needless to say, she was excited. and it's staying at her dad's :)

the party was a blast {although i am glad it's over}. i still can't believe my baby is 4!