Tuesday, November 27, 2012

addison's 4th birthday

addison's birthday was the day before thanksgiving. she had school that day and they had a thanksgiving party in her class. it was "pies with parents". nice little party for her birthday :)

the night before, i blew up a bunch of balloons for her room {like i did last year}. since she was with her dad that night, i got to just leave them in on her floor and not worry about sneaking them in.

she was so surprised when she walked in her room! she played in her balloons for a little bit, then opened her present. i didn't get her much because her party was her big present. i got her a sticker book {the girl has SO many stickers}, a puzzle, and a helmet. my mom got her a radio flyer tricycle. and it's pink. so cute!!

my mom and i took her to dinner that night. she got to pick where we went. and she picked panera. she's a little obsessed with that place.

when we were standing in line, there was a police officer behind us. addison started talking to him. he was extremely nice and even offered for addison to come sit in his car after we finished dinner.

and addison took him up on his offer!

he was seriously the nicest police officer ever. he let addison sit in the drivers seat and showed her his computer. she got to shine the bright light and turn on the blue lights. and she got to use the siren. at one point she was kind of trying to get out, but he told her there was more to see. it was pretty cute!

definitely a special treat on her birthday!

after that, we went to my dad's to have dessert. which was delicious. then we went home and both went to bed. we were a little worn out.

on friday, we took addison to mexican for her birthday. we waited until a night that her dad could go with us. i was really excited because we told them it was her birthday so they sang to her and put whipped cream on her nose. she was so surprised! and she loved the attention :)

definitely something i think we'll do every year.

now i'm going to try not to blink because if i do, she'll be turning 5 tomorrow.


Paige said...

After reading your blog for a few years, I cannot believe that she is 4! Time truly flies, and you are right when you blink she will be 5! I want to also tell you how much I admire you for you including her Dad into things. That will be so very special for her to look back on.

Happy 4th birthday pretty girl!