Thursday, November 29, 2012

thanksgiving 2012

thanksgiving morning started out with my mom, addison, and i running a race. addison "ran" in the stroller. next year we may try and let her actually run/walk though!

it was a little chilly that morning. and super foggy.

my friend, haley, was running the race too. she did the 5 mile and we did the 5k, so we didn't get to run together. but we still saw her before and after, and addison loved that!

addison is an interesting running partner. i would say fun, but that's a stretch. she can be fun, for sure. i always tell her before we go run that i can't talk to her. i can't answer her questions or hold a conversation. she always agrees and says she knows, but as soon as i start running, the questions start coming. she's also quite the motivator {not}. during the race, she kept talking about the people passing us and telling me to run faster. maybe she'll be a personal trainer.

after the race, addison went with her dad for their thanksgiving. my mom went to her friend's house, and i went to some family things with my dad and step mom.

we had quite the day. family time and good food. doesn't get much better.