Monday, December 3, 2012

4 year appointment

unlike last year, i actually scheduled addison's 4 year appointment closer to her birthday. it wasn't even a week after her birthday. mom of the year here!

she was awesome and entertaining, as usual. she talked to everyone. surprise surprise. she's definitely not a shy child. unless she wants to be.

one of the many fun things about the doctors office is having your child pee in a cup. this isn't the easiest task for a 4 year old. obviously i have to assist. lucky for me, it wasn't messy. this time. i foresee some messes in the future though. maybe i should take gloves next time.

her stats were:

- 36 lbs {up 5 lbs from last year}
- 41 inches {up 3 1/4 inches from last year}
- 20/20 vision {same as last year}

the vision test always makes me laugh. they have one chart with numbers and letters, and another with shapes. she did the one with the shapes because she knew more of those. there was a ship on it, and she kept calling it a pirate ship. silly girl. when the shapes got really small, i had a hard time seeing what they were, but she could see them just fine.

she didn't have to get any shots this time, but next year she'll need all of her shots for kindergarten. woo hoo! that should be a fun visit.