Thursday, December 20, 2012

shrek the halls ice

tuesday night went to ice at opryland. this year was shrek the halls. when we went last year, it was merry madagascar.

it was pretty awesome. i love shrek, so i enjoyed it. i wasn't as prepared for the cold this time though. last year, i had a ton of clothes on. and gloves. and a scarf. this year, not so much. i guess i just forgot how cold it actually was. and i froze.

i didn't get any good pictures, but addison got to go down the big slide this year. last year she went down the kiddie slide and loved it. she loved the big slide even more.

we had lots of fun! i think it will be something that we try to do every year. i'll just try to be more prepared for the cold next time. who am i kidding, i probably won't be.


Courtney said...

So cute! I froze too, had no gloves, no hat, nothing! And for some reason that lovely blue parka wasn't helping a lot! My boys loved the slide:)