Thursday, December 13, 2012

christmas program - 2012

last week addison had her school christmas program.

she was SO excited. she practiced her song at home and it was adorable. she kept telling me who all was invited to come and asked if everyone was excited.

it was at a bigger location than last year {thank goodness. it was packed last year}. it was still packed this year, but only a few people had to stand. and there was actually a line to get in. a LINE. all there to see addison sing. because, obviously.

she was a little put off at having her picture taken. she was ready to go see her friends and get ready to sing. but she looked super cute in her santa jammies.

they told us that we needed to stay in our seats during the program and not go to the front to take pictures. we may have not listened. we weren't the only ones though. and i'm not gonna miss taking pictures of addison singing adorably with her friends. common now.

her class sang silver bells. i don't know why, but it seems like such a grown up christmas song. listening to her sing it just melted my heart.

and we may have gone out for ice cream after to celebrate. can't pass up a chocolate milkshake with chocolate ice cream {i kinda like chocolate}.

i can't wait to see her sing next year!!