Monday, December 10, 2012


i'm finishing up the semester this week {tomorrow is my last night!!}. there's been a lot packed on at the end, so that's why i've been a little MIA lately.

anyways. on to our randoms from the past week and a half or so.

addison got some puzzles at sams with gigi. they're actual puzzles. not the little kid ones with the big pieces. like puzzles with small pieces. so we put one together. and, not gonna lie. it took a while. oh well. we got it done!

we had a little incident. with a deer. and my car. long story short, the deer ran into my car on the drivers side. my mom and addison were both in the car. we were all fine. well, i was a little freaked out. this was my first run in with a deer {when i was driving, at least}. my car didn't make it out unharmed, though. the deer took out my rear view mirror and made a nice hole on the side of my car.

with the deer incident behind us, we went to breakfast with santa the next morning. addison's school provided the tickets, so of course we were even more excited about it. FREE breakfast. WITH santa. what more could a girl hope for?? anyways, we sat with some of addison's friends from school. it's so fun watching her with her friends. the grinch was there and addison wasn't a bit scared. although she didn't want to get too close in a picture. she also got to see santa and we got a free picture. MORE free? i'll take it. and they had a train ride outside. it was pretty awesome, if i say so myself.

after breakfast, we decided to continue the holiday activities and we went to the parade. the weather has been so un-december. or at least was. it's supposed to get cold today and stay that way for a while. but last week it was warm. like 60s warm. we rode to the parade in the jeep. with the windows out. in december. i'm not complaining. addison got to see frosty and lots of floats. some may have been pretty cheesy, but she still loved it. which is all that matters. personally, i enjoyed watching {and listening} to the old men in a trailer singing.

and then addison just looked adorable going to school. she said she was a rockstar, so she couldn't wear a bow. because rockstars don't wear bows. i mean, obviously.