Friday, December 21, 2012


after we went to see ice, we took addison to see santa. we were already out by opry mills, so we figured why not. bass pro has a santa and you get a free picture, so we hit that up.

addison was very excited to see him. maybe even more than last year. i love watching her get so excited!

it was actually addison's 4th time to see santa this year. she saw him with her dad when they saw christmas lights, during her breakfast with santa, and on the train ride. and then again at bass pro. she knows that they are all different santas {she pointed that out one day}, but she still believes in him. so i'm not too concerned :)

she told santa she wanted some princess dolls, a princess doll house, and some unicorn stompeez. i kind of coaxed her into saying she wanted a princess doll house because that's what santa is bringing her. i don't think she'll object. i had no idea what stompeez were, but her dad told me and i got her some. her papa and mimi are giving her princess dolls on christmas eve {when we do presents with them} and on christmas morning she'll get her princess doll house.

now i just need to put the thing together. probably after/with a few drinks.