Wednesday, December 5, 2012

holiday nails

i love thanksgiving. family and food. and it means it's closer to christmas. so it's safe to say, the day after thanksgiving is one of my favorites. i don't really get into the black friday shopping. unless it's online shopping. i don't really want to get out with all those crazy people. although addison did go black friday shopping when she was just a week old. i guess i was crazy once.

wow, i'm rambling.

anywho, addison wanted me to paint her nails. it was the weekend after thanksgiving, so i thought i could do something festive. i gave her the option to have candy cane or christmas colors. she chose candy cane.

my initial plan was to just alternate white and red. so i did.

and apparently it wasn't good enough.

"but i want stripes! like a candy cane!"


painting a 4 year olds nails is a task. well, painting any small persons nails is a task, regardless of the age. their nails are tiny and their version of staying still is definitely not actually staying still.

but, alas, she got holiday nails. and i'm pretty damn proud of them.

needless to say, they're all chipped now. but they looked good while they lasted!! and she was so proud, too. she would show them off to everyone. and she even gave me the credit!!