Monday, December 17, 2012

train ride with santa

saturday morning we got up bright and early to go on a train ride with santa.

my mom heard about it and thought it would be fun for all of us to go. i thought it sounded fun too, so we got tickets and went!

it was definitely worth it. i don't really know what i expected, but addison had a blast on her first train ride. and she got to see santa too!

we were on the last car, which meant that we got to see santa first as he worked his way up to the front of the train.

the ride was about 2 hours long. addison brought some money because she wanted to buy a snack. she decided on oreos. she did get a little antsy towards the end and wanted to get up and move around some. but even so, she was great! and it was a lot of fun.

they have an easter train ride in the spring that has an easter egg hunt. i think we're going to have to do that one too!