Friday, August 24, 2012

first titans game

last night i took addison to her first titans game.

my dad has had season tickets since they came to nashville, and i've been going with him ever since. i remember the first game we went to, and it was kind of traumatic for me. i won't bore you with the whole story, but a drunk lady was sitting beside me and threw up everywhere. so ya.

i don't go to every game {and i haven't gone to many in the past years}, but i want to go to more games this year. so every time i'm given the opportunity, i'm going to try my best to go!

i really wanted to take addison to a game this year. i figured she was old enough. we had taken her to a sounds game this summer and she did pretty well, so i thought she would do fine at a titan's game.

my dad was out of town, so he gave me his tickets. it was a preseason game, so it wasn't as "serious" as regular season games {he would probably argue with me on that}. i figured it would be a good one to take addison to since we weren't obligated to stay there the whole time {mainly because we weren't with my dad. he likes to stay the entire time. no matter the score}

i'm kind of a last minute person, so i waited until yesterday to look for addison a shirt to wear to the game. and i had no such luck. luckily, she had an old jersey {size 2T, mind you} in her closet. and luckily again, it fit. barely.

i'm going to get her a cuter t-shirt/jersey/dress for her next game. i'll definitely plan that a little better.

if you're a titans fan {or really into football at all}, you can probably tell that my jersey is a little outdated. i've had it for probably 10 years. i think i may get a new jersey this year. but at least i'm supporting the titans by wearing a jersey :)

addison did great! my dad has 3 tickets, so i took my friend maegen to the game, too. addison loves maegen and was all about her the whole night. she really didn't want to have anything to do with me.

she danced and played most of the time. she didn't really watch any of the game. although it was pointed out to me that i didn't really watch any of the games when i would go when i was younger, and even then i was much older than addison.

when she did watch, she'd get so excited when everyone clapped. she would clap right along with everyone. she had no clue what was going on, but she figured it was good since they were clapping!

we left around the middle/end of the 3rd quarter. the titans were up by 10 {and they ended up winning}. even though we left early, it was still about 9:30 when we left. we had to take maegen home, which resulted in spending a few minutes there so addison could say hi. then we headed home.

addison didn't get in bed until around 11. i decided to go to bed at the same time. i was going to do a few things on my computer though, so i left my light on. no less than 2 minutes after i put addison to bed, she came walking into my room, asking what i was doing. she promptly climbed in bed with me and said she wanted to sleep with me.

i didn't feel like forcing her to go back to her bed, so i just let her sleep with me. we were both so tired that i don't think either one of us woke up at all in the night. titans games are tiring!

i'm really excited for this football season. i can't believe it's already here! i'm excited to go to more titans games, and hopefully i'll take addison to some more this season, too!